• 19 maj 2017

    One Show

    Proud CEO and ECD in New York accepting 8 One Show Pencils including 2 Best in Dicipline in Direct and Mobile. The Swedish Number have done it again.

  • 11 maj 2017

    Björn speaks in Hamburg

    Invited to the German advertising festival ADC Björn tells the secrets of INGO to some 800 german advertising geeks.

  • 4 maj 2017

    The Swedish Guldägg

    Big day of celebration – we won 2 Golden eggs and 3 silvers. All for our multi award winning campaign The Swedish Number. Everybody from the agency celebrated big time at the award show.


  • 27 april 2017

    Big win at D&AD

    A fantastic evening in London at the Troxy. We picked up 9 pencils in total. On top of all happiness we won the rare and almost impossible to win: The Black Pencil – the second one ever for Sweden, and the first one ever for Ogilvy. We are all very proud.

  • 25 mars 2017

    First for 3

    Last autumn we took over the full account for 3 and here is our first campaign. As first mobile operator 3 launch Wi-Fi calls – you don’t need recepetion any longer to call somebody, its good enough to have Wi-Fi connection. Take a look at the campaign.