• 9 maj 2016

    Josefine Richards speaks in Cannes

    We’re very proud that our Creative Director, Josefine Richards, is both on the Direct jury and speaker on Chief Creatives on The Beach in Cannes this year.
    This is a new forum where some of the industry’s most creative brains talk about what keeps them awake at nights and what trends they think are worth examining up close.


  • 29 april 2016

    Watch our new film for ESC!

    January saw us launch the official theme for this year’s ESC in Stockholm. The visual identity we have developed is designed to spotlight the power of Eurovision that unites people across all boundaries, irrespective of culture, religion, ethnicity and sexuality.

    On top of that we’ve produced a film that, in the same vein, highlights the strength in unity that Eurovision creates. Watch our invitation to the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest here!

  • 11 april 2016

    Golden Wheel win!

    Golden Wheel rewards the best Swedish projects in the fields of sponsorship and events. We are delighted to have won the Endorsement of the Year award for our campaign “A real hero” with the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation. By celebrating children with cancer as “heroes” – something poles apart from the usual communication and in partnership with Swedish ice hockey star, Peter “Foppa” Forsberg – we succeeded and exceeded our goals by such a wide margin that we call it “the Foppa effect”.

  • 6 april 2016

    Premiere for The Swedish Number!

    Happy days! Today sees the launch of our latest campaign for the Swedish Tourist Association: The Swedish Number – Sweden’s own phone number.

    Sweden is the first country to have its own phone number that the whole world can call. Everyone who lives in Sweden can answer. It works like an ordinary phone call, but when someone dials the number, the call is connected to a randpm Swede – who in the name of free speech speaks for the whole of Sweden.

    Find out more here: http://www.theswedishnumber.se/

  • 28 januari 2016

    The Eurovision theme is official!

    We can now finally present the visual identity that we’ve developed for the Eurovision Song Contest! A central component of our work has been ensuring that the competition unites people across every boundary, irrespective of culture, religion, ethnicity and sexuality. And why we’ve developed the theme of “Come Together” and visualised it as a magic flower. The creative work started with a dandelion. A flower that is an organic force, grows throughout Europe, and with which we all feel a connection.

    There was an extra element of fun, and nerves, associated with the work because it will be seen during the TV programme, in the studio, and in all communication – and will reach almost 200 million people.

    Check out the visual identity here