• 27 april 2017

    Big win at D&AD

    A fantastic evening in London at the Troxy. We picked up 9 pencils in total. On top of all happiness we won the rare and almost impossible to win: The Black Pencil – the second one ever for Sweden, and the first one ever for Ogilvy. We are all very proud.

  • 25 mars 2017

    First for 3

    Last autumn we took over the full account for 3 and here is our first campaign. As first mobile operator 3 launch Wi-Fi calls – you don’t need recepetion any longer to call somebody, its good enough to have Wi-Fi connection. Take a look at the campaign.

  • 24 januari 2017

    INGO 6th Most Innovative Company in the world

    In Fast Company’s very prestigious list of most innovative companies in the world INGO arein No 6. Wonderful! It proves you don’t have to be the biggest agency in the world and work with the biggest budgets and with the coolest brands to be among the best in the world.

  • 21 januari 2017

    New Folkoperan

    We say hello to our first campaign for the opera house Folkoperan. For their new opera performance “God Discuised” the cast itself had a major role in making the it famous. The campaign became the most talked about campaign for Folkoperan ever. And even the king and the queen showed up.

  • 3 januari 2017

    Vi hälsar sex nya medarbetare välkomna

    Två seniora planners har anställts – Sara Ekholm som närmast kommer från Volontär, och Cecilia Bessere som kommer från Garbergs. Två nya kreatörer – Max Hultberg, AD, och Seamus Andersson, copy, båda från CP+B
    Marie Pohl är anställd som Head of Production och kommer fråm M&C Saatchi. Och Danel Askergren Senior Projektledare, med ett förflutet som Nordic Client Service Director på DDB. Dessutom har Joachim Ewert, mannen bakom Swedish Number, fått ny befattning på byrån – Innovation Director.