INGO is the perfect mix of big and small. We are, first and foremost, a local agency whose motivating force is the focus we place on local clients and local values.

We also have a strong network behind us – WPP – and that backing comes with almost 100 combined years of experience and resources from offices in over 200 countries.

We like communication problems. But what we really like are smart solutions. Creative/original/unexpected solutions that make people say, “I know that’s advertising, but it’s so damn good, I don’t care!”  We don’t do “big reveals” – the sort of thing where the agency disappears for several weeks and then comes back with what it calls “The Only Solution”. What we value are partnerships with regular reviews and check-ins, from the strategic start-up to the creative solution. That’s the real key to successful communication.

We’re well known for our Delicato concept that was launched back in 2007 and is still relevant. Say, “Guaranteed whole grain-free!” and the majority of people will smile in recognition. Or when we opened the restaurant Dill for Lidl – and which drove the media into something of a frenzy. But we’re best known for our campaign “The Swedish Number”, that travelled the globe and is one of the biggest campaigns that ever been made. But we’re just as proud of the campaigns we produce for our clients with a B2B target group, in-store, a beautifully designed packaging, an incredibly narrow-focus direct mail activity, or campaigns on digital platforms and in social media. At INGO, there are experts in every discipline.

Just like us, our clients are both big and small. We work with some of the biggest brands in the world and with some of the smallest. The one thing our jobs have in common is that if we don’t sell their products or services, we’ve failed. Which is why we never give up.

It’s about creating something that benefits both our clients and their clients. You can’t count on the consumer’s attention these days. But by using communication that is not only relevant to the brand, but also offers the recipient something valuable, you maximise your chances of making a difference. We have discovered that often “this something” is a media neutral idea – an idea not invented from a channel specific brief. And even more often, they are based on cultural or sub cultural insights, found in border between PR, Media and Creativity.

The Fusion.

One of our main tools in this is our working process, Fusion™, which is based on five strategic, critical questions, and which ensures that our work has the correct entry values. We work alongside our clients, often in the form of workshops, to establish everything from the ultimate business goal to precise key ratios.

Fusion™ focuses on understanding the recipients, their mental journey through the purchasing process, and the driving forces and barriers that influence them.

This understanding allows us to formulate clear tasks for the communication, every step of the way, and to identify the channels that will do the best job of influencing them. The result is a comprehensive, single-page marketing plan that provides a clear, easily understood overview for all involved.

Fusion™ is used at Ogilvy offices worldwide on a daily basis, for both small local assignments and global ones. This is the best thing about being part of two networks – we have full access to all of the know-how and experience from the thousands of brands within both Grey and Ogilvy.

The Shift.

The secret to our success is aligning the business goals of our clients with the raw creative talent of our agency. SHIFT is the bridge that connects the two. 

At the heart of SHIFT is a simple, yet strategic principle. Where’s your strategy taking you? And, how are you going to get there? All good strategies, whether they are from agencies, military commanders, corporate chiefs, or life-coaches will have these markers. Timeless ideas on sound strategy. We wanted to create a simple, focused strategic framework that’s easy to use for everyone in the agency regardless of department. 

With ‘Famously Effective’ being the ultimate goal of everything we do at INGO, SHIFT becomes a part of the “how” we get to be famously effective.. 

Rather than a single static statement, SHIFT has three dynamic parts: “From”, “To” and “SHIFT”. By approaching strategy in this way, INGO emphasizes trajectory over positioning in order to productively harness the violent dynamism of modern brands. 

Welcome to INGO