LE BON tickets released

Our latest campaign for Lidl is now official – the LE BON pop-up banquet that will take place on 10 December. And only a few hours after the tickets were released, 900 of them had been snapped up.
The banquet will be held in the Annex at the Ericsson Globe Arena – but it will be the Annex as you’ve never seen it before! At 19.33 precisely, a procession of 260 waiters will parade down the specially constructed staircase to serve the 1,300 guests.

The event has many surprises in store, and we don’t want to reveal them all in advance… 

… but here’s a teaser for you to enjoy…

The dinner will be prepared using 2.7 tonnes of raw materials 
It will be prepared by 50 chefs led by star chef, Titti Qvarnström
Served by
260 waiters

On 5,200 plates

In 7,800 glasses

On 406 meters of linen tablecloths

Decorated by 15,000 flowers

For 1,300 guests
nd broadcast live during TV4’s advertising breaks.