Case: Delicato


By 2006, trends such as GI and LCHF had made life hard for Delicato. Sales were declining, and the brand had already been delisted by COOP and risked being delisted by ICA.


Too much of a good thing transpires – like the hysteria surrounding healthy living. Sometimes, you just want to give yourself a treat. This was something that Delicato could focus on, offering an alternative to all the fashionable diets.


We created an antithesis to the whole health hysteria thing. With sinfully good photos of the products and imaginative headings that played on the health trend, we offered people a break from all the “must eats”.


Sales increased as a direct result of the campaign by a solid 40%. “Punschrullen” sales increased by a gratifying 200%! And Delicato was re-listed by COOP.