Behavioural economics and cognitive psychology have been hot discussion topics ever since Daniel Kahneman won the Nobel Prize in Economics back in 2002. We’ve probably all sat in meetings where people referred to books such as “Thinking, fast and slow” and concepts such as “nudging” and “System 1, System 2”. But what do these research fields mean in practice? Can they change anything for you and your company?

#ingochange is a completely new division within the company that combines the essence of cutting edge research into cognitive psychology and behavioural economics with INGO’s communication expertise. The starting point for #ingochange’s work is that small changes in marketing, based on academic research, can have a dramatic effect on both your business and your ability to influence people’s behaviour.

#ingochange is based completely on #ogilvychange, a concept launched in 2013 by Ogilvy UK and which has succeeded, in a very short space of time, in creating unexpected and successful business and communication cases for a whole string of international brands.

If you’d like to find out more about why we, as marketers, can benefit from the progress made in research in recent years, take a look at the film alongside.

And scroll down to find cases that illustrate #ingochange.



People don’t believe that something (such as being robbed) can happen to them until it actually does. This is called “normality bias”.


Dramatic increase in sales of The Times Ultimate Pack subscription through “4 small nudges”.


47% increase in response frequency for email marketing by BT Complete.


How a little cuteness can counteract the increase in antisocial behaviour in one of London’s most deprived boroughs.


Per Hedberg

Doctorates in Experimental Psychology (Columbia University) and Economics (Stockholm School of Economics). Works as the Academic Director at the Stockholm School of Economics Russia, and as a researcher and lecturer at the Stockholm School of Economics in Stockholm and Södertörn University. Expert in social cognition, behavioural game theory, negotiation, and social organisation. Sees #ingochange as an exciting attempt to use scientific principles in commercial and socially transformational settings.

Samuel West

Licensed clinical psychologist and specialist in cognitive behavioural therapy: understanding and influencing behaviours. Researcher at the Department of Psychology at Lund University and Superlab, specialising in organisational psychology and creativity. Extensive interest in and some experience of working with applied behavioural economics. Dr West is a generalist and loves #ingochange, which is based on established theories and uses rigorous scientific methods to address exciting and commercial issues.